Friday, December 29, 2006

Dating Big Bird
Laura Zigman

Ellen has a life many people dream about, she is funny,
smart and successful, in a particularly Manhattan sort of
way and she excels but hates her high-profile fasion industry job.
Ellen is one of those striving, successful, young, easy-to resent
New Yorkers, but her heartfelt longing to share her life with
a child seems sincere and far from sterotypical.

Looking down the barrel of the dark side of thirty-five,
Ellen knows that time is passing, and as it does, her desire to have
a baby only increases, especially when her
sister Lynn announces that she is pregnant with her second

Ellen meet an old classmate who shares her suffering, they agree
that if they haven't met the partner of their dreams within a year
they will find sperm donors. Until then Ellen must recharge
her stalled relationship, plan a baby shower for her jaded
and far-from-motherly boss.

Ellen is in love with a troubled Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
whose life unraveled when his young son died of leukemia at
the age of seven. His marriage crumbled soon after, then his
career, and he has declared that he will never have children again.

The complications of loving someone who doesn't see in his
life something that you see so clearly in yours leads Ellen
to make some tough decisions

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

365 Ways to Cook Chicken
by Cheryl Sedaker

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken....just when you thought you had run out of recipes for your famous chicken dishes, think again. Chicken has become the number one choice of diet-conscious Americans and Cheryl Sedaker's cookbook shares some of the most succulent recepies celebrating chicken's versatility - baked; fried; barbecued; stewed; marinates; roasted ---- and so much more.

My favorite recipe can be found in the "Well Traveled Chicken" chapter. Arroz con Pollo, Spanish rice with chicken- a favorite Sunday dish. The ground saffron gives this recipe a kick and is complimented with the savory ingredients of garlic, peppers, olives, smoked sausage, rice, white wine, onions and of course chicken.

The Shepherd, the Angel , and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog
by Dave Barry

If you like Dave Barry, dogs, kids or Christmas, you will like this book. It's a very quick read with typical Dave Barry humor and a surprising twist of sweetness added. Doug Barnes is a young high-schooler who plays a shepherd in the Episcopal Church Christmas pageant. Unfortunately, the church literally has bats in the belfrey, and, while in hot pursuit of said bats, Walter, the Barnes family's newly adopted dog, manages to bring down the house - in the middle of the pageant. Despite his disgrace, Walter provides a sorely needed bright spot in the household which otherwise would have had a very blue Christmas, due to the loss of their beloved dog on Christmas Eve. This book will appeal to a wide variety of readers.

Friday, December 15, 2006

"Kill Me"
Stephen White

In this installment of Stephen White's series of books featuring
clinical psychologist Dr. Alan Gregory, the setting remains the picturesque
Colorado countryside, but Dr. Gregory is put into the background and instead features one of his patients.

The anonymous narrator is in his prime, a rich and powerful businessman, and happily married father of a young girl. After seeing a friend in a coma, watching his brother die of ALS and a near-fatal accident of his own, our narrator begins to question his own mortality and vows never to be a burden to his family.
A friend tells him about an organization that, for a large fee, will end your
life should you become a "burden", he hastily signs up.

But once you sign up you cannot change your mind
Almost simultaneously, the millionaire learns he has an aneurysm that could
leave him in an vegetable state; he also learns that he has a son he never knew about. He wants to gamble with the aneurysm - he wants to live.
As his health status changes more quickly than our hero expects, he's left not only to fight his medical condition but also the group that has promised to fulfill the contract.

I think that this book will appeal to a male audience.
The main character is a macho man who engages car chases and gun battles.

The Pact
by Jodi Picoult

Popular high-school swimming star Chris Harte and talented artist Emily Gold bonded as infants; their parents have been next-door neighbors and were best friends for 18 years. When the two fall in love, everyone is ecstatic. Everyone, it turns out, except for Emily. Her emotional turmoil, compounded by pregnancy, which she keeps secret, leads to depression and a desire for suicide. She turns to Chris, and wants him to prove his love by pulling the trigger. The gun is fired in the first paragraph, and so the book opens with a jolt of adrenaline.

As the plot follows their pasts into the present, Chris is charged with the murder of Emily. A book that can be taken from today's headlines, the murder trial is sensationalized and causes the little town of Bainbridge, New Hampshire to become the center of the universe as tabloids and newspapers detail the murder trial.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Secret lives of Fortunate Wives
by Sarah Strohmeyer

If you enjoy those "Desperate Housewives" of Magnolia Lane, wait until you meet the wives of Hunting Hills, Ohio! These trophy wives happily commit adultery with their neighbors, while maintaining their perfect; size two figures, gardens, homes, children, and marriages. Marti Denton and her husband communicate only through post-it-notes, consequently it may be time to look for around. She decides her old friend, John Harding, is looking good as "Husband #2"! So what if he has just moved back in town with his newly-wed, Claire Stark! He'll come around, Or will he? This book is full of quirky characters that will leave you laughing, as they try and make sense of their lives in the burbs!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dark Celebration: A Carpathian Reunion
by Christine Feehan

In this desperate season, Carpathians from around the world are gathering to join their strengths, their souls and their powers to bring light in the darkness. But so too are their adversaries uniting - hunters, vampires, demons, and betrayers - bringing untold dangers into the fold of the Carpathian people.

Have you ever finished a book and wondered what happened after "they lived happily ever after"? Well Christian Feehan answere many of those questions with her book Dark Celebration. It is like a coming home where you can catch up and visit with old friends from the previous novels in the Dark Series.

I enjoyed Dark Celebration it was like visiting with old friends and hope that you will too.

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