Wednesday, December 20, 2006

365 Ways to Cook Chicken
by Cheryl Sedaker

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken....just when you thought you had run out of recipes for your famous chicken dishes, think again. Chicken has become the number one choice of diet-conscious Americans and Cheryl Sedaker's cookbook shares some of the most succulent recepies celebrating chicken's versatility - baked; fried; barbecued; stewed; marinates; roasted ---- and so much more.

My favorite recipe can be found in the "Well Traveled Chicken" chapter. Arroz con Pollo, Spanish rice with chicken- a favorite Sunday dish. The ground saffron gives this recipe a kick and is complimented with the savory ingredients of garlic, peppers, olives, smoked sausage, rice, white wine, onions and of course chicken.

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