Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Boleyn Inheritance
by Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory has written another fascinating historical novel about King Henry VIII and the women surrounding him. It is 1539, and King Henry is preparing to marry Anne of Cleves. Gregory has presented the story from three women's perspectives. First, we meet Anne of Cleves, running away from an abusive brother to tyrannical King Henry VII. Second, we meet Katherine Howard, the extremely self-centered flirty teenager, who becomes King Henry VIII's fifth wife! Finally, we meet Jane Boleyn, the one woman who destroys two queens. Gregory presents King Henry VIII as the beloved boy who became a murdering monster! Even knowing the outcome of these wives did not deter my interest in reading this book.

Monday, June 11, 2007

"I Love You, Nice to Meet You: A Guy and a Girl Give the Lowdown on Coupling Up"
byLori Gottlieb and Kevin Bleyer

This is perfect for a summer read. It's one of those books
that you don't have to finish, you can put it down, feeling satisfied and enjoy
coming back to it when the rains come and your forced inside.

It's a hilarious, razor-sharp look at the mating rituals of the dating species.
Lori and Kevin are smart, honest, funny thirty something hopeless romantics who
despite their best efforts are still single. They've seen it all in the dating wars
and come back from the front with plenty of emotional scar tissue.

Like romance anthropologists, the deconstruct every key monment in the life cycle of a relationship, from what the fake purse grab really means when the check comes
to who gets "home couch" advantage in couples therapy.

This book gives both the male and female perspectives on a variety of issues.
This book is a hilarious and eye-opening collection of short essays from a guy and a girl who just want to find the "one".

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