Monday, May 08, 2006

Rating the First Ladies:
The Women Who Influenced the Presidency

Behind every great man is a woman! I have become interested, not in our Presidents, but the women who handle the duties of first lady during a presidency. What has been their contributions to the nation, their power and influence over affairs of state, political campaigns, and presidential appointments?

To rate these women, JohnB Roberts II turned to the Siena College Research Institute. The survey measures the opinions of college and university history departments. Each questionnaire contained ten key criteria. To my pleasure, Roberts didn't always agree with the ratings, giving even more insight.

Check out your favorite First Lady, and see how she rated! Read to discover who took bribes, who kept a pet bear, and who maintained a lesbian affair?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Final Target
by Iris Johansen

I personally, always love a good book where the chicks kick some butt! Any book by Iris Johansen will do this, and do it well. This book is no exception.

Cassie Andrews is seven years old and the president's daughter. While her parents were at a ceremony one evening, Cassie is awakened from her sleep by two masked men who murder her nanny and her nurse, and intend to kidnapping Cassie. She is saved just in time, by Michael Travis, a man who made his fortune in the international underworld.

Jessica Riley, a psychiatrist, is called in to treat the little girl. Michael Travis eventually comes back into the picture and convinces Cassie and the Riley girl to go with him on a whirlwind trip filled with intrigue and suspense.

This is a fast-moving thriller, which goes across international borders from Washington to Amsterdam to Paris with the help of Air Force One. Anyone into suspense will enjoy this book.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"The Lost Mother"
by Mary McGarry Morris

The setting is a rural area during the Depression.

This is the story of two children, Thomas and Margaret. When their mother leaves them, their Dad is devastated and retreats into a shell. They lose their home and are forced to live in a tent in the woods.

Most times the children are cold and hungry. The father is oblivious to the plight of his children. He is gone most of the day looking for work. The older of the children,Thomas, does his best to look after his sister Margaret. The children are filled with guilt, blaming themselves for their Mother's leaving.

Most of the adults in their lives have their own agendas and let these children down. The children are left to their own devises to survive.

This book is well-written, I would not say that "It is a must read," but if you take it out you WILL finish it.

by Mary Lawson

Crow Lake is Canadian writer Mary Lawson's debut novel. It is the story of a northern Canadian family's struggle to stay together against all odds after a tragic accident alters their lives and plans for the future. The setting, love of the land and rural way of life, and desire for education all figure prominently in this book.

It is narrated by 26 year old Kate Morrison, an assistant professor at a university, in flashback mode from the time she was 7 to the present. After the accident, Kate copes by clinging to her 17 year old brother Matt, who was her hero from the time she was a toddler. She is always holding her breath waiting for another tragedy to occur, and when one does (in her view), she narrows her world as much as possible, politely distancing herself from everyone she loves. A grown-up Kate must ultimately reflect on disappointments, misunderstandings, family ties, and what is most meaningful to her.

The New York Times Book Review said Mary Lawson is "a writer to read and to watch". She will have a second novel published in September 2006.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Protector by Dee Henderson

The Protector is number four in the O'Malley series written by Dee Henderson. Ths volume focuses on Jack O'Malley a firefighter. This series is set in the mid-west where a group of three boys and four girls end up living in an orphanage, Treavor House, decide to adopted each other and take the family name of O'Malley.

Each book focuses on a different family member. In The Protector an arsonist is setting fires for a reason, Jack and Cassie, a former firefighter, are trying to figure out why. Jack never thought he'd fall in love with Cassie but as the arsonist grows bolder they become closer. And Jack will do anything to protect her.

Dee Henderson is a life long resident of Illinois, her christian fiction is well written and has been nominated for numerous awards. You can view additional titles and e-mail the author at

The Protector
was nominated for the The Gold Medallion Book Award. If you enjoyed this book you may enjoy the other titles in this series:

Danger in the Shadows
The Negotiator
The Guardian
The Truth Seeker
The Healer
The Rescuer

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