Thursday, May 04, 2006

Final Target
by Iris Johansen

I personally, always love a good book where the chicks kick some butt! Any book by Iris Johansen will do this, and do it well. This book is no exception.

Cassie Andrews is seven years old and the president's daughter. While her parents were at a ceremony one evening, Cassie is awakened from her sleep by two masked men who murder her nanny and her nurse, and intend to kidnapping Cassie. She is saved just in time, by Michael Travis, a man who made his fortune in the international underworld.

Jessica Riley, a psychiatrist, is called in to treat the little girl. Michael Travis eventually comes back into the picture and convinces Cassie and the Riley girl to go with him on a whirlwind trip filled with intrigue and suspense.

This is a fast-moving thriller, which goes across international borders from Washington to Amsterdam to Paris with the help of Air Force One. Anyone into suspense will enjoy this book.

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