Sunday, July 16, 2006

I am, and will always be, a sucker for dog stories. Marley & Me is no exception.

John Grogan and his wife, Jennie have no sooner renovated a small home when they decide to bring home a four-legged roommate with limited English-language skills. Enter Marley, the Clearance Dog! This ninety-seven pound brute entered a room, and it would never be the same. His drool drenched all inhabitants, his tail cleared every table surface, and he grabbed anything not nailed down! Yet Grogan describes him with such love, that like Grogan, you forgive his antics. Yes, he ate through a wall, but the poor boy was scared of thunderstorms. Yes, he did get kicked out of Obedience School, but obviously he was just misunderstood. Yes, he did close a whole beach, and what a visual is that story!

After reading this book, I found myself just smiling for days. Dogs like Marley offer unconditional love, and can change our lives forever. Hm, is it time to go buy another dog?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Red Leaves" by Thomas H. Cook

Eric Moore is a happy man. He has a prosperous business
in a quaint little town, a comfortable home, loving wife
and a well adjusted teenaged son.

On an ordinary night, his teenage son is asked to babysit
Amy Giordano, the eight-year-old daughter of a neighbor.
The next morning Eric receives a telephone call that will
change his life forever.

Eric's son Keith is the last person seen with Amy. As time passes
and the police investigation focuses on Keith, Eric must counsel
his son, find him a lawyer, and protect him form the town's suspicion.
But Eric is not so sure of his son's innocence

The story takes the reader in a few different directions and keeps
the reader turning the pages until the conclusion.

by Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark uses the mystery of twin telepathy as the subject of her latest novel.

Twin 3 year old girls Kelly and Kathy are kidnapped, and a large ransom is demanded. The leader behind the kidnapping promises that once they receive the ransom, the girls will be returned safely. However, he does not anticipate the actions of one of his accomplices. After the ransom is paid, only one twin is returned and one is kept by one of the kidnappers.

As the FBI and state troopers work to find the missing twin, they become aware that the twins can communicate with each other when apart.

Too much information about a mystery is not a good thing in a review, so the remaining story
will remain untold. Mary Higgins Clark turns out bestsellers quickly and they sometimes disappoint, but the phenomemon of twin telepathy make this book interesting and worth reading.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping
By: Judith Levine

If you have ever contemplated cutting down on your consumerism but couldn't bring yourself to do it, this book is for you. It allows you to watch from the safety of your own couch as Judith Levine and her partner Paul cut back on their expenses and decide what is a "necessity" and what is a "luxury."

The book is broken down by the months of the year and follows Levine's journey as she goes from enthusiastic participant in January to weary of the whole process by the end of the year. She trades in movie tickets for a library card and becomes frustrated when last years clothes become shabbier and shabbier.

The couple participates in events such as Buy Nothing Day and Levine even joins her local chapter of Voluntary Simplicity as she begins to explore the motives behind why people buy certain products. She also discusses the withdrawal she feels by not buying "her" products.

A definite "must" for shopaholics who are looking to reform.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Surrogate

by Judith Henry Wall

In The Surrogate Jamie Long, a penniless twenty year old, surrogacy motherhood seemed like both an act of altruism and financial opportunity. But once pregnant and under control of Amanda Hartmann, the head of a famous evangelical family, Jamie realizes that she's getting more that she bargained for.

Jamie is isolated and cut off from the outside world for the duration of her pregnancy on the family farm. During her time there she realized the truth about the Hartmann family and about the child she carries. Once Jamie realizes the truth it is a flight and fight for her and her child.

Once you start reading The Surrogate you will become engaged with what is happening to Jamie and her baby. An intriguing plot line with just enough action.

The book includes a book discussion guide and an interview with the author as well.

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