Sunday, July 16, 2006

I am, and will always be, a sucker for dog stories. Marley & Me is no exception.

John Grogan and his wife, Jennie have no sooner renovated a small home when they decide to bring home a four-legged roommate with limited English-language skills. Enter Marley, the Clearance Dog! This ninety-seven pound brute entered a room, and it would never be the same. His drool drenched all inhabitants, his tail cleared every table surface, and he grabbed anything not nailed down! Yet Grogan describes him with such love, that like Grogan, you forgive his antics. Yes, he ate through a wall, but the poor boy was scared of thunderstorms. Yes, he did get kicked out of Obedience School, but obviously he was just misunderstood. Yes, he did close a whole beach, and what a visual is that story!

After reading this book, I found myself just smiling for days. Dogs like Marley offer unconditional love, and can change our lives forever. Hm, is it time to go buy another dog?

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