Monday, February 05, 2007

By Emeril Lagasse

People just can't get enough of Emeril Live, Emeril Live, Emeril Live! Everyday millions of people turn on their television sets to learn a new recipe, technique or tip to enhance their cooking skills right in their very own homes. Now, Mr. Emeril Lagasse's fans can cook more of the dishes they've seen him prepare on prime time television. They can now mimic recipes from his cook book "Prime Time Emeril" which is filed with uncomplicated and delicious recipes such as pecan crusted chicken, baked ziti with italian sausage and fennel and mardi gras jambalaya.

Even though there are not many pictures of the finished product to make your mouth water, just reading the recipes alone will do the trick. From ham hocks to heavy creams, these recipes are loaded with fat and cholesterol and could be off limits for anyone with a weight problem. So with this in mind I decided to prepare something light.

The salmon salad recipe is one of my favorites and a change from the very popular tuna salad. This recipe calls for salmon, eggs, capers, mayonnaise, caviar, chives and salt & pepper to taste. Because I am not a big fan of caviar, I omitted it from the ingredients while preparing the dish. This wonderful salad is very light, delicious and fulfilling, with a smooth texture and is great for lunch any day and anytime of the year. This dish is very easy to prepare requiring very little clean up and has become the number one household favorite for me and my family.

by Stephen King

After a successful Connecticut lawyer runs over and kills an elderly gypsy woman he finds himself cursed by the dead woman's children, who impose their punishment on him by uttering the word, "Thinner..." The lawyer, an obese, cocky man, finds himself wasting away, dropping weight so rapidly day by day that his health is endangered. The lawyer's family and friends are fearful of his hideous transformation, which comes on him in the matter of a few short weeks, but nothing the man or even his doctors do can stop his radical weight loss. Facing death from a condition similar to anorexia, the lawyer fights back against those who have cursed him and enlists the aid of a thrill-loving gangster he once successfully defended against racketeering charges. With time running out and the lawyer's health spinning downward as fast as his weight itself, there comes a deadly confrontation between the migratory gypsy clan and the modern people who oppose them.

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