Friday, July 07, 2006

Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping
By: Judith Levine

If you have ever contemplated cutting down on your consumerism but couldn't bring yourself to do it, this book is for you. It allows you to watch from the safety of your own couch as Judith Levine and her partner Paul cut back on their expenses and decide what is a "necessity" and what is a "luxury."

The book is broken down by the months of the year and follows Levine's journey as she goes from enthusiastic participant in January to weary of the whole process by the end of the year. She trades in movie tickets for a library card and becomes frustrated when last years clothes become shabbier and shabbier.

The couple participates in events such as Buy Nothing Day and Levine even joins her local chapter of Voluntary Simplicity as she begins to explore the motives behind why people buy certain products. She also discusses the withdrawal she feels by not buying "her" products.

A definite "must" for shopaholics who are looking to reform.

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