Tuesday, May 02, 2006

by Mary Lawson

Crow Lake is Canadian writer Mary Lawson's debut novel. It is the story of a northern Canadian family's struggle to stay together against all odds after a tragic accident alters their lives and plans for the future. The setting, love of the land and rural way of life, and desire for education all figure prominently in this book.

It is narrated by 26 year old Kate Morrison, an assistant professor at a university, in flashback mode from the time she was 7 to the present. After the accident, Kate copes by clinging to her 17 year old brother Matt, who was her hero from the time she was a toddler. She is always holding her breath waiting for another tragedy to occur, and when one does (in her view), she narrows her world as much as possible, politely distancing herself from everyone she loves. A grown-up Kate must ultimately reflect on disappointments, misunderstandings, family ties, and what is most meaningful to her.

The New York Times Book Review said Mary Lawson is "a writer to read and to watch". She will have a second novel published in September 2006.

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