Friday, December 29, 2006

Dating Big Bird
Laura Zigman

Ellen has a life many people dream about, she is funny,
smart and successful, in a particularly Manhattan sort of
way and she excels but hates her high-profile fasion industry job.
Ellen is one of those striving, successful, young, easy-to resent
New Yorkers, but her heartfelt longing to share her life with
a child seems sincere and far from sterotypical.

Looking down the barrel of the dark side of thirty-five,
Ellen knows that time is passing, and as it does, her desire to have
a baby only increases, especially when her
sister Lynn announces that she is pregnant with her second

Ellen meet an old classmate who shares her suffering, they agree
that if they haven't met the partner of their dreams within a year
they will find sperm donors. Until then Ellen must recharge
her stalled relationship, plan a baby shower for her jaded
and far-from-motherly boss.

Ellen is in love with a troubled Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
whose life unraveled when his young son died of leukemia at
the age of seven. His marriage crumbled soon after, then his
career, and he has declared that he will never have children again.

The complications of loving someone who doesn't see in his
life something that you see so clearly in yours leads Ellen
to make some tough decisions

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