Friday, December 15, 2006

"Kill Me"
Stephen White

In this installment of Stephen White's series of books featuring
clinical psychologist Dr. Alan Gregory, the setting remains the picturesque
Colorado countryside, but Dr. Gregory is put into the background and instead features one of his patients.

The anonymous narrator is in his prime, a rich and powerful businessman, and happily married father of a young girl. After seeing a friend in a coma, watching his brother die of ALS and a near-fatal accident of his own, our narrator begins to question his own mortality and vows never to be a burden to his family.
A friend tells him about an organization that, for a large fee, will end your
life should you become a "burden", he hastily signs up.

But once you sign up you cannot change your mind
Almost simultaneously, the millionaire learns he has an aneurysm that could
leave him in an vegetable state; he also learns that he has a son he never knew about. He wants to gamble with the aneurysm - he wants to live.
As his health status changes more quickly than our hero expects, he's left not only to fight his medical condition but also the group that has promised to fulfill the contract.

I think that this book will appeal to a male audience.
The main character is a macho man who engages car chases and gun battles.

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