Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have just finished reading "Spider Bones" by Kathy Reichs. If you like the TV show "Bones", you should find this novel by Kathy Reichs interesting! The "Bones" TV show character, Dr. Temperance Brennan, is loosely based on Ms. Reichs' character of the same name in this book. Both characters are forensic anthropologists. The TV show Dr. Brennan is almost always clinical and somewhat socially inept; the book Dr. Brennan is often clinical, frequently amusing, and is pretty adept at the social stuff.

Now to this book's specifics. John Lowery was declared dead in 1968; the victim of a Huey crash in Vietnam, his body buried long ago in North Carolina. Four decades later, Temperance Brennan is called to the scene of a drowning in Hemmingford, Quebec. The victim appears to have died while in the midst of a bizarre sexual practice. The corpse is later identified as John Lowery. But how could Lowery have died twice, and how did an America soldier end up in Canada? Dr. Temperance Brennan sets off for the answer, exhuming Lowery's grave in North Carolina and taking the remains to Hawaii for reanalysis--to the headquarters of JPAC, the U.S. military's Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, which strives to recover Americans who have died in past conflicts. In Hawaii, Dr. Temperance Brennan is joined by her colleague and ex-lover Detective Andrew Ryan and by her daughter, who is recovering from her own tragic loss. Soon another set of remains is located, with Lowery's dog tags tangled among them. Three bodies -- all identified as Lowery.

This book is a page turner and there are a few exciting moments! Also, you must pay closely attention to what you are reading because it gets a bit complicated (whose bodies are they, anyway?). I do recommend this book.

Barbara Land, Clymer Library Technician

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