Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tuesdays With Morrie
By Mitch Albom

I read this book after hearing so many good things about it and it was a very quick read. The book is basically about Morrie Schwartz, a history professor at Brandeis University, who has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and is dying. Mitch Albom is a former student of Schwartz's and has become a fairly well known sports writer. He hears about his teacher from an interview with Ted Koppel on Nightline and decided to pay a visit, soon his visits turn into regular meetings, on Tuesdays, 14 to be exact.

Morrie teaches Albom how to live the life you really want all while dying the way he wants. Albom plots Morrie's declining health, which is is a little depressing, but at the same time imparts Morrie's wisdom. You can get a sense of what the important things in life are from someone who has little left, but Morrie is particularly eloquent and seems to carry an upbeat dignity to the end.

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